Health, Education & Socio-environmental domain.

The Projects of Nkonituid village

There are handful of basic human needs in this region which are either not functioning well because the local council did not structure them properly or because nothing beneficial ever existed here in Nkonituid. Since the local council is not capable of helping people in this area at large, we shall like to implement a few projects in our program, which we found very necessary to be carried out immediately. For these reasons, our main focus shall first be in health, education, and socio-environmental domain.

Water Problem

The inhabitant of Nkonituid village have no nearby water facilities and are obliged to walk long distances to search for drinkable water. Women and little children have to adopt the traditional methods of balancing heavy loads of water on the heads. This limit the amount of water people can carry and this method cause long-term spinal injuries. Little children and women often carry out these time-consuming task, missing out on educational and economic opportunities. This duty sometimes exposes women and young girls to increased risks of assault or rape when they are travelling long distances in search of water.


Connecting drinkable water from a far distance pipeline takes much time and costs much money. There are some new well-drilling companies in the North West province of Cameroon, who are capable of drilling very deep wells that can provide the citizen of this village with free water. This method is economical and takes a shorter time to be made. Such wells shall positively change the lives of the people of this village especially little children and women. They can use their time at home for doing more constructive things, which is good for the community.


Pinyin in general and Nkonituid in particular, over 10.000 inhabitants still have insufficient access to clean and safe drinking water.

Education Problem

In the mid-nineties right up till date many Africans have lost family member and relatives through HIV/AIDS and many of these children left behind are homeless. They do not attend schools because of lack of sponsor and guardian. There is a high school drop-out rate in the surrounding communities. The crime rate has also increase because most of orphans idle and are therefore vulnerable to criminality.


We already start talking with the schools around and shall introduce a scholarship system that may enable the orphans to continue their education. We shall provide them with necessary school equipment such as books, uniforms and feeding. A regular control shall be made to see whether or not the children are attending lessons. Those who take this seriously shall continuously receive support from us. We very well know education is the key to success and we can achieve a better standard of life in this village if we strongly support and build a stable educational awareness in the mind of the young children. We shall also combat adult illiteracy by organizing free lessons to older people, who are willing to learn how to read and write.

There is a high school drop-out rate in the surrounding communities. The crime rate has also increased because most of orphans idle and are therefore vulnerable to criminality.

Health Problem

There is no one single hospital in Nkonituid village. The nearest hospital is in Santa or the Bamenda general hospital which lies about 35 kilometers away. Sick people in the village have a lot of difficulties when they cannot be treated and in most of the cases, the health center is not in possession of simple tablets like Aspirin. People in this village must buy each prescribed medication. This lead to the loss of lives sometimes, because more that 95% of these people are not working and do not have any source of income, even to buy simple tablets against cold, cough and catarrh.


We shall go to the health center in Nkonituid and provide them with sponsored medication which shall be used against the common illnesses such as those mentioned. Pain killer drugs are also needed. We shall also organize a medical staff who shall be attaining and consulting the sick without them paying for a consultation fee. This little sum of money makes a lot of people stay home when they are sick without consultation and sometimes only hurry to the health center or hospital, when it is already too late. This free consultation and free drugs shall greatly reduce the number of people who avoid the health center when they are ill because of lack of money and also reduced the number of deaths that may results from this practice.

Problems of old helpless citizen

Cameroon social system is still not well developed and structured.  In little villages like Nkonituid are things even worse than in some bigger towns. This makes the lives of older people without retirement benefits very miserable. In fact, they do not have any source of income. They very few of them who still have some relatives are not financially better, because most of them do not work either and the few who are working earn very little money and cannot help other relatives from their salaries.  Some of these helpless old people are forced to beg from door to door in order to survive. Observing helpless sick people who do not even have a single meal in a day is the worst thing someone can think of.


There is a council hall near the village market, where we can serve the old helpless people with at least a meal per day to keep them in life. We discussed with some village women, who are willing and prepared to do the cooking serving for free. We only need to provide them with the foodstuff.  We shall also provide some of them with common foodstuff, which they can personally cook at home. This action shall reduce the task of trekking each day to the town hall.

Some of helpless old people of Nkonituid village are forced to beg from door to door in order to survive.

Problems of the village church

Christianity is the only things that brings people in an African community together despite hardship and difficulties. Churches are where they meet regularly to worship and pray. This religious gathering or come together does not function properly here in Nkonituid because the church has undergone certain decay in the past years. It needs sudden renovation to make it more attractive to the Christians. This church lacks benches, Bibles and song books for church services and Sunday school for children.


We shall renew the church by repairing its broken roof, repaint the walls and make some new benches for people to sit on. Most of this works shall be done without paying for the labor. There are a few technicians who are willing to assist us with this project. A good repaired church shall not only serve as a place to worship but also serve as a place to meet most of the village elders and give out important messages and instructions, which are useful for the inmate of Nkonituid.