Save the Children and the Aged in Nkonituid Village Menka e.V. („Nkonituid e.V.“) is a nonprofit making humanitarian organization dedicated to helping people in need throughout the little village of Nkonituid, in association with other humanitarian networks throughout the globe. We depend on the many generous contributions of time, food, clothes, drugs and money from donors. All executives of Nkonituid, volunteers both at home and abroad share a common mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here in the village and some other areas around this region.

Little drops make the mighty ocean

By making a charitable donation to the Nkonituid organization, you are assisting thousands of people who face difficulties every day and need help as they struggle to survive or rebuild their lives.


There are handful of basic human needs in this region which are either not functioning well because the local council did not structure them properly or because nothing beneficial ever existed here in Nkonituid. Since the local council is not capable of helping people in this area at large, we shall like to implement a few projects in our program, which we found very necessary to be carried out immediately. For these reasons, our main focus shall first be in health, education, and socio-environmental domain.

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To become a member please download the membership application form (PDF file), fill it out and email it to info@nkonituid.de