• Provide overnight home facilities for elderly people with no immediate family.
  • Provide eye-checkups for them organized from periodic visits from a qualified healthcare facilitator.
  • Organize interactive social activities that benefit both groups of people.
  • Day care services for young children between the ages of 3 – 10 years with no school opportunity.
  • Do counselling sessions for people in unfortunate situations.

About Nkonituid e.V.

Save the Children and the Aged in Nkonituid Village Menka e.V. („Nkonituid e.V.“) is a nonprofit making humanitarian organization dedicated to helping people in need throughout the little village of Nkonituid, in association with other humanitarian networks throughout the globe. We depend on the many generous contributions of time, food, clothes, drugs and money from donors. All executives of Nkonituid, volunteers both at home and abroad share a common mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here in the village and some other areas around this region.

Mboh Michael and a few fellow Cameroonians founded this organization in Hilden on December 16, 2014. Mboh Michael first heard of other humanitarian organizations in Cameroon and was inspired about their contribution to the society. He personally came to the decision of creating one while visiting Cameroon after his father’s death in 2012. His late father was the village head of Nkonituid and Mboh Michael became his successor according to the tradition of this village. Returning home, he campaigned for an organization to help the citizen of Nkonituid. That is how the organization was founded.

Village Nkonituid

Nkonituid is a village located in Menka, Santa Sub-division region in the North West Province of Cameroon, West Africa. It has a population of approximately 10,000 inhabitants majority of which are children and the aged. Nkonituid e.V was birth in January 2014 as a not for profit organization to intervene into an already precarious living conditions of the inhabitants. The hope is to breach the gap of existence between young and old through improving and contributing to education, health & social well-fare.


Who we are

  • (Deutsch) Ngang Edwin Ndifor
    (Deutsch) Ngang Edwin Ndifor Telecommunication Engineer
    Chief MBOH MICHAEL KHAN. VI Co-founder
  • Axel Roth
    Axel Roth Co-founder
  • Richard Mason
    Richard Mason Volunteer

Views from our Village Nkonituid

We need your donations

By making a charitable donation to the Nkonituid organization, you are assisting thousands of people who face difficulties every day and need help as they struggle to survive or rebuild their lives.